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What Is GovEd Edition

With, you can obtain a local telephone number, or port your existing telephone number, send and receive SMS text messages via email, have a copy of your voicemail sent to your email address with an audio file attachment, and have a multi-level, advanced auto attendant with multiple language support.

Additionally, you can record your calls on demand, transfer calls to your colleagues by using their internal extension numbers, or directly send calls to mailboxes in your system by using the service even when using low bandwidth mobile networks such as 3G or 4G LTE.

Calls on are protected with military-grade encryption for security and can easily be tracked and audited by their site administrators. Time schedules can be set up in order to automatically restrict calls during certain hours of each day and week.

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With your organization’s name will appear on your outbound caller ID, and the mobile application does not need to be running in the background in order for you to receive a call! This allows for low battery consumption while enjoying all the benefits of

Last but not least, the setup & configuration can be as easy as providing an excel or comparable spreadsheet with the names of your users, their email addresses, and existing work phone numbers unless you wish to assign new numbers to them. accounts are typically setup and ready to be used within one business day.

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More Special Tools To Help You Work

101VOICE has a great solution for you. We offer you our new award winning service.

Work, Anywhere, Anytime

Communicate with your clients from anywhere and increase your productivity to get your business progress

Total Compliance

Secure communication with military grade encryption and HIPAA compliancy

Professional Setup & Use

Provide white-glove setup provisioning services and user friendly application vs Google Voice

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Google Voice Standard Edition
Number of Users or Limitations 1+ / Commercial License Only 1 / Personal Use License Up to 10 / Commercial License 1+ / Commercial License
Email Domain to be used for the service Your Organization Domain Gmail.Com Domain Only Your Organization Domain Your Organization Domain
System Features  
Unlimited Domestic Call ok ok ok ok
HIPAA Compliant ok nil ok ok
SMS Text to Email ok ok ok ok
Email to SMS Text ok nil nil nil
SMS to Hunt Group ok nil nil nil
Free Mobile App & WebRTC Client ok ok ok ok
Audio Encryption Military Grade Encryption Unknown Unknown Unknown
Customized Voicemail Greeting ok ok ok ok
Customized Music on Hold Optional Addon nil nil nil
Voicemail to Email (MP3 Attachment) ok nil nil nil
Voicemail Notification Alert ok ok ok ok
Voicemail Transcription Optional Addon ok ok ok
Call Forwarding ok ok ok ok
Call Recording on Demand ok ok ok ok
Low Bandwidth Support for 3G or LTE ok Unknown Unknown Unknown
CNAM (Caller ID Name of Your Organization) ok nil nil nil
Multi-Level Auto Attendant Optional Addon nil ok ok
Google Calendar Integration nil nil ok ok
Google Contact Integration Optional Addon ok ok ok
Outlook Integration Optional Addon nil nil nil
Class of Service ok nil nil nil
Service Level Agreement (SLA) ok ok ok ok
Text & Code Based Provisioning ok ok ok ok
Port Your Number (OneTime Fees) $5 / Number $20 / Number $20 / Number $20 / Number
Assign a New Local Telephone Number ok ok ok ok
Technical Support ok nil ok ok
Call & SMS Detail Report Archive 3 Years Not Advertised Not Advertised Not Advertised
Hunt Group 10 Numbers 6 Numbers 6 Numbers 6 Numbers
Hunt Group Level ok nil nil nil
Find-me-Follow-me ok nil nil nil
Email to Fax ok nil nil nil
Fax to Email (PDF Attachement) $5 / Month nil nil nil
Multiple users with 1 Number ok nil nil nil
e911 For a Centralized Address ok nil G Suite Admin Limitations G Suite Admin Limitations
Systemwide Admin Control Panel ok nil ok ok
Phone Features  
Do Not Disturb (DND) ok ok ok ok
Usage and Activity Reporting ok ok ok ok
Call Park / Systemwide Hold ok nil nil nil
Virtual Voice Assistance (AAVA) Optional Addon nil nil nil
Transfer calls Internally via Extension ok nil nil nil
Change Outgoing Caller ID ok nil nil nil
VoIP Desk Phone Line Optional Addon nil nil ok
Call Screening ok ok ok ok
OneTouch / Quick Dial ok nil nil nil
Low Battery Consumption ok Probably Probably Probably
Incoming Calls via Push ok ok ok ok
“Optional Addons” Package / User $10 / Month & $10 Setup (Onetime) Unknown Unknown Unknown

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • 1. Are there any volume discounts?
    • Yes, even for smaller accounts we start with very low prices in order to fit everyone’s budget and be competitive. In addition, we offer the following discounts: 10% off for 100+ Users, 15% off for 250+ Users, 20% off for 400+ Users, and we waive the setup fee for 6+ Month contract.
  • 2. How long does it take to set up, can I bring my own number, and can I port out my number from you?
    • We are typically able to get an account activated and live within 1 business day after we receive the necessary end-user information.
      Can I bring my own number -YES, but a delay can occur due to the porting process for existing number(s), since the Customer Service Records, BTN, LOA are needed to be processed and submitted to the existing carrier. This could delay the port out process for 5-12 business days, depending on the carrier(s) involved.
      Can I port out my number from you – YES. While we don’t want you to leave us, you may want to due to X, Y & Z and therefore we do and will always support you and help you port out your numbers.
  • 3. What is needed to get started?
    • We made the process simple. After signing the online service order or a proposal, a Request for Information (RFI) form in Excel format is sent to your account administrator (usually your IT department or designated staff).The RFI requires a list of end-user’s full name, email addresses, and any numbers that will be ported to If no number is ported, 101VOICE will obtain local numbers and assign them to each end-user. Contact us today at 408.739.1000 or email [email protected] to get started right now.
  • 4. How does a user start utilizing the service?
    • Upon account activation and configuration, 101VOICE provisioning will notify the account administrator usually your IT department or designated staff via email and provide a list of phone numbers assigned to each end-user along with instructional documents in the form of PM and URL web address so that it can be provided to your end-users. The users can download the iOS, Android, or WebRTC softphone from the respective brand online store at no cost. They will then enter the assigned telephone number as their phone number and receive a 4-digit PIN code via email. Upon entering the PIN code in the mobile application or the WebRTC Softphone, the account is ready to be used to make or receive a phone call using
  • 5. Is there an administrator dashboard available?
    • Yes. We provide control panel access to the authorized account administrator (usually your IT department or designated staff) to be able to view activities and make changes if needed. Be advised that 101VOICE provides support to the account administrator to make changes if needed at no additional cost! Our goal is to make your life easier and not to make you a Certified Web Telephony Guru overnight! You use it and rely on us to make it work for you.