• 1. Are there any volume discounts?
    • Yes, even for smaller accounts we start with very low prices in order to fit everyone’s budget and be competitive. In addition, we offer the following discounts:
      10% off for 100+ Users, 15% off for 250+ Users, 20% off for 400+ Users, and we waive the setup fee for 6+ Month contract.
  • 2. How long does it take to set up, can I bring my own number, and can I port out my number from you?
    • We are typically able to get an account activated and live within 1 business day after we receive the necessary end-user information.
      Can I bring my own number -YES, but a delay can occur due to the porting process for existing number(s), since the Customer Service Records, BTN, LOA are needed to be processed and submitted to the existing carrier. This could delay the port out process for 5-12 business days, depending on the carrier(s) involved.
      Can I port out my number from you – YES. While we don’t want you to leave us, you may want to due to X, Y & Z and therefore we do and will always support you and help you port out your numbers.
  • 3. What is needed to get started?
    • We made the process simple. After signing the online service order or a proposal, a Request for Information (RFI) form in Excel format is sent to the owner or IT person. The RFI requires a list of end-user’s full name, email addresses, and any numbers that will be ported to 1NUMBER.io. If no number is ported, 101VOICE will obtain local numbers and assign them to each end-user. Contact us today at 408.739.1000 or email [email protected] to get started right now.
  • 4. How does a user start utilizing the service?
    • Upon account activation and configuration, 101VOICE provisioning will notify the account owner or administrator or designated staff via email and provide a list of phone numbers assigned to each end-user along with instructional documents in the form of PM and URL web address so that it can be provided to your end-users. The users can download the iOS, Android, or WebRTC softphone from the respective brand online store at no cost. They will then enter the assigned telephone number as their phone number and receive a 4-digit PIN code via email. Upon entering the PIN code in the mobile application or the WebRTC Softphone, the account is ready to be used to make or receive a phone call using 1NUMBER.io.
  • 5. Is there an administrator dashboard available?
    • Yes. We provide control panel access to the authorized account administrator (usually your account owner or designated staff) to be able to view activities and make changes if needed. Be advised that 101VOICE provides support to the account administrator to make changes if needed at no additional cost! Our goal is to make your life easier and not to make you a Certified Web Telephony Guru overnight! You use it and rely on us to make it work for you.